The New “Non-Fish” For Sushi

ahimi-sushiThe Japanese are known for their love of raw fish and also for using it in many of their sushi rolls and other dishes. What if we told you that for those of you who are vegan, perhaps trying to limit your intake of animal protein or simply want to do your part in conserving what is left of our overfished oceans that there is a new alternative! Ocean Hunger Foods has come out with a new vegan product that mimics raw tuna in its appearance, consistency, taste and texture, but its not only sustainable it is also 100% vegan and is actually a tomato! Now that we have your attention check out the stats on this new “fish” product making its way into sushi and other dishes.

The New Vegan Tuna Product

  • What is the name of this new “fish”?– It goes by the name Ahimi which means “spirit of ahi” pretty clever name for those that choose to eat fish in spirit!
  • Where can I purchase Ahimi?- For now Ahimi is only available to restaurants and sushi vendors so if you want to give it a try you will have to contact your favorite sushi spot and see if they have jumped on the vegan fish train yet. Hopefully we will see it in stores for mass purchase sooner rather than later.
  • tomato-raw-fishWhat is Ahimi made out of exactly- As we said above it is derived from tomato.  Soy sauce, sesame oil, filtered water and sugar are added to create the raw tuna like texture and taste.
  • Is it really vegan? Yes indeed it is it is 100% vegan and plant based. Ocean Foods is also in the works creating a gluten free version!
  • Is Ahimi only meant for vegans? No way! Anyone can enjoy Ahimi. Many of us that are not vegan or vegetarian love raw tuna and sushi made with it, however our oceans being overfished is becoming quite an issue and if we don’t take preventative measures we most likely won’t be able to enjoy fresh raw tuna in the future due to lack of fish! Conserving now can help to make a big difference. Ahimi is also a good substitute for those looking to watch their mercury intake or who are worried about the radiation said to be leaking into our oceans in Japan.

While Ahimi may not be for everyone and some of us may be a bit apprehensive to try out this new “fish like”product the only way to decide if it lives up to raw tuna in your sushi is to give it a shot! You never know it could just become your new favorite sushi ingredient.