Visiting Tokyo

Japan after WWII underwent a cultural revolution that transformed its economy andTokyo-Japan culture to a more modern democratic and capitalistic nation. And at the center of this new Japan is one of the most advanced cities in the world, Tokyo. This city is packed with 38 million people, the most in the world, and has crazy attractions and crazy technology that feeds and transports all of these people. Can you imagine the food that can be found in a city that is home to 38 million people!?

  • Trains & Public Transportation- Due to the sheer population, many people don’t drive cars. Instead they take Japan’s extremely advanced public train system that can get you anywhere across Tokyo and nearby Japan. However, trains are oftenMost-populated-city packed tighter than a can of sardines so don’t expect to sit down unless you are disabled. Just as a general rule, NEVER EVER talk on your phone on the train. Otherwise, you’ll be seen as the least respectful and most annoying tourist possible
  • The Food- There is more than just ramen and sushi restaurants here. Almost any food you want, you’ll be sure that you can find it nearby. There are even local McDonalds in Japan if you don’t like Japanese cuisine. There is even the restaurant Aragawa which offers the best Kobe steak in Japan if not the world. However, the average meal price is around $800. You can grab food even from a vending machine, however another one of Japan’s politeness rules is that you can’t eat while walking. So be aware and be respectful and you should be fine.
  • The People & Etiquette- Japanese people compared to the average westerner is very shy and very quiet. They are still very polite and helpful if you ask them for helpTokyo-Population getting around the city. Although, many Japanese people do not understand English, so maybe practice basic Japanese phrases like “hello” “thank you” and “where is ___”. There are some English translations of signs in the touristy area of Japan so you won’t be completely lost. Also, some people in Japan dress in the classical Japanese style as well as some who dress in the popular cartoon anime style. Lastly, if you are sick you better wear a facemask to first, not spread germs and also be respectful. Finally, don’t blow your nose in public as again, it is seen as rude and disrespectful.


  • Mt Fuji
  • Mt Takao
  • Gate Tower Building
  • Japan Disneyland
  • Shibuya Crossing
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Skytree
  • Capsule hotels
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Sensoji Temple
  • Samurai Museum
  • Imperial Palace

Tokyo is a mix of the feudal past with a technological future. Offering great restaurants along with stunning architecture there is no wonder why Japan is not only the most populous city in the world, but also one of the most visited and liked cities as well. JUST DON’T FORGET YOUR MANNERS!